What is ORMUS Water?

If you do an Internet search for ORMUS, you're likely to find all kinds of confusing scientific jargon about m-state elements and microclusters and such.

Allow me to offer a simplified definition. I like to think of ORMUS as being life energy.

You may have heard of the term "live foods" or "living foods" before. Living foods are foods that still contain their life energy. Most foods have a certain amount of life energy when they are harvested, and they can lose this energy if they are cooked or processed, or if they sit around too long before being eaten.

In the same way, water has this life energy when it comes out of the ground. Most people agree that artesian spring water has the highest amount of life energy (ORMUS) content of any water available.

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I use artesian spring water taken from the artesian spring on my property to produce the ORMUS water found on this site. The water is run through a series of 3 magnetic vortex traps which extract the ORMUS from the water and produce a concentrated ORMUS water.

It takes about 26 gallons of the artesian spring water to make just 1 gallon of this concentrated ORMUS water.

It is easy to tell the difference between regular spring water and concentrated ORMUS water, because the ORMUS water tastes thick and almost oily. It feels very hydrating and relaxing.

There have also been a lot of reports by people who regularly drink ORMUS water that they have been healed of major illnesses or pain. I can't claim that ORMUS water will heal any illnesses, but I do believe that a balanced and harmonious human body has a natural ability to heal itself, and the ORMUS water can help you to achieve that harmony and balance.

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